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This is a much better version of one from an earlier post:




Girl who beat police matron and escaped from jail
ca. 1938




Woman in Greenwich Village cafe]
ca. 1956

Wife of the Victim
Denver R.R. Sta- 3 in morning" Print by Weegee

Eddie Condon'S Opening
Opening night at Eddie Condon's nightclub. The band (L-R) Gene Schroeder on piano, Condon on guitar, Joe Marsala on clarinet, Bud Freeman on sax, Bob Casey on bass, "Wild Bill" Davison on cornet, Brad Gowans on trombone; photographer Weegee in foreground.
Location:New York, NY, US
Date taken:December 20, 1945
Photographer:Gjon Mili
Opening night at Eddie Condon's nightclub. The band (L-R) Gene Schroeder on piano, Condon on guitar, Joe Marsala on clarinet, Bud Freeman on sax, Bob Casey on bass,

Hell's Kitchen, by Weegee. by plasticpalacealice.

Hell's Kitchen, by Weegee.

seduce by plasticpalacealice.

At the Bar, Weegee by jordantate.
At the bar

On the Toilet, Weegee by jordantate.

Drunk in the Bowery, Weegee by jordantate.
Drunk in the bowery
In the Paddy-Wagon,Weegee by jordantate.
In the Paddy Wagon (NOT the same blow up of more famous version)

On the Spot, 1940, Weegee by jordantate.
On the Spot 1940

Singer at Sammy's in the Bowery, 1944, Weegee by jordantate.
Sammys 1944

1946 - 42nd St at 3rd Ave, Accident (Weegee - Arthur Fellig) by straatis.

1946 - 42nd St at 3rd Ave, Accident

1945c - Lovers at Palace Theater, Bway (bet. 47th & 48th) by Weegee by straatis.

Weegee M

famous news photographer Weegee with
actress Vampira (Maila Nurmi) 1952

Blanche Simms Killed White Fireman in Harlem
Weegee Kiss: Famous photo by Weegee of Marilyn blowing a kiss. Out of print, very rare.

Speaking of rare, did you know there was a MOVIE???

Weegee’s New York

Directed by Weegee and Amos Vogel
US ca. 1952, 16mm, color, 20 min.

A classic American City Symphony, focusing on Coney Island circa 1950 when a million people would crowd its beaches on a Sunday.

Capsized Steamer Eastland by baikinange.
The back of this postcard reads "Police are here shown recovering bodies between decks of the capsized Steamer Eastland."

Fellig - Kissing Movies by austinistdotcom.
Arthur Fellig, called Weegee, American, 1899-1968
Untitled (Kissing at the Movies)
c. 1952
Gelatin silver photograph
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The Target Collection of American Photography, gift of Target Stores
© Weegee/International Center for Photography/Getty Images

Weegee [Arthur Fellig] (1899-1968), The Critic, 1943, gelatin silver print, © 1994 International Center of Photography, New York, Bequest of Wilma Wilcox;

Two Young Girls

Two Young Girls

ca. 1940
gelatin silver print from infrared negative
32.9 x 26.9 cm.
Gift of Daniel Wolf

"Harry Kaltman who owns this dairy store at 125 Delancy Street had his whole family behind the counter yesterday afternoon March 22, 1943."

"It was a friendly game of Bocci," circa 1939

"Reclining Nude"

"Girl in Audience Eating Ice Cream"

"Saturday Night, Sleeping," circa 1945

“People who work in the daytime are suckers,” he once said. Before the publication of his first book, “Naked City,” made him famous in 1945, he lived in a cheap room near police headquarters and was said to be so accustomed to working on the run that he once developed a picture of a prizefight in a subway motorman’s cab while rushing back to a newspaper office.

"Opening of the George Washington Bridge, New York City," Oct. 25, 1931

"Viewing News Report Of A Yankee Game, Times Square." Oct. 6, 1943

And then there was the NUDIE MOVIE:
The Imp-Probable Mr. Wee Gee

Impprobablemr"Sherman Price directed this nudie comedy starring famed crime photographer Weegee, who was later the basis for several films including The Public Eye (1992). With a voice dubbed by Reuben Guberman, Weegee falls in love with a department-store mannequin and tracks her to Europe, where he meets peril atop the Eiffel Tower and a buxom ghost in London. The notion of a nudie comedy starring a photographer best known for bloody photos of gruesome death may be odd, but the film is entertaining enough for fans of the genre to enjoy". ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide
Imp-Probable Mr. Wee
Imp-Probable Mr. Wee
The 'Imp'probable Mr. Wee Gee (1966)

Weegee with Movie Camera & Lufthansa Bag (1960), Weegee/International Center of Photography

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