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Fantastic Prints and Gorey Moments- And Photos of the Man Himself.


Untitled (crowd of men on sidewalk)

"Three Women Trampled to Death in Excusion-Ship Stampede"

"Three Women Trampled to Death in Excusion-Ship Stampede"
August 18, 1941

"Three Women Trampled to Death in Excusion-Ship Stampede"
August 18, 1941


[Ambulance attendant tagging corpse]

ca. 1940

Untitled (young men drinking at party)


Untitled (teen age audience)


Weegee (Arthur Fellig)


Dames! Stiffs! Mugs!

(excerpt of great article below)

Some photographers are the poets of purple mountains' majesty. Some are the poets of the placid suburbs. Weegee is the poet of small-timers who died facedown on a city pavement at 3 a.m. in a pool of their own blood. And petty mobsters. He was great at petty mobsters--half the guys in his pictures look as if their nickname was Mugsy. As one of the most unabashed tabloid-news photographers, Weegee was also supremely good at car crashes, dazed escapees from tenement fires, transvestites being hustled out of paddy wagons, and Peeping Tom shots of lovers wrestling in twos (and threes!) on the nighttime beach at Coney Island.

His prime years, from the mid-1930s to the late '40s, were the formative days of tabloid photography. The work Weegee did then makes up the better part of "Weegee's World: Life, Death and the Human Drama," the affecting and sizable (more than 200 prints) show on view at the International Center of Photography Midtown in New York City through Feb. 22. Accompanied by Weegee's World (Bulfinch; 262 pages; $75)--probably the fanciest book ever devoted to a man who generally had a cigar stuck in his mouth--the exhibit moves on later to Paris and London.

Tenement fire, 1945.

Arrested for bribing basketball players, 1942.

1940 -- Jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) waves his handkerchief as he performs.

Enlarge image

"... Cop who looks like Gary Cooper books blind man for murder"

"1250 decided to continue the trip"

"Boys Caught in Boarded-up Harlem Store"
August 16, 1943

&quote;Methodist Hospital, Most Beautiful Baby, Brooklyn, 1941&quote; by Arthur Felig (Weegee)

Weegee the famous | Imagerie by twink!.

Weegee the famous | Imagerie by twink!.

Resourceful girl manages to watch man on the flying trapeze and feed hot dog to escort at the same time (18-04-1943)

Indianapolis Museum of Art Acquires Major Weegee Photography Collection:

Zero Mostel.

Weegee(Arhur Fellig)/International Centre of Photography—Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Untitled (Weegee photographing bridal couple)
circa 1940-1949

Ohne Titel
Medium gelatin silver print
Size 13.1 x 10.6 in. / 33.2 x 26.8 cm.
Year 1940 - 1949

Backstage at Casino de Paris
Medium gelatin silver print
Size 9.1 x 7.8 in. / 23 x 19.7 cm.
Year 1950 - 1959

O Sole Mio

c1940 New York

Weegee/International Center of Photography

"Black Power," 1951, by Weegee

Weegee/International Center of Photography

"Mrs. Anna Sheehan ... accused as murderess," 1937.

NEW YORK CITY, 1940 -- A father and son wave American flags at a parade in Chinatown.

Weegee/International Center of Photography
"Irma Twiss Epstein, Nurse Accused of Killing Baby," 1942.

From :

Coronet: Drama In The Courtroom (Coronet/April 1947)

Here is a photo feature from the April 1947 issue of Coronet magazine. It's uncredited, but I'm quite sure that some of these photos are by Arthur "Weegee" Fellig.

Weegee Arthur Fellig Coutrtoom Drama

Weegee Arthur Fellig Coutrtoom Drama

Weegee Arthur Fellig Coutrtoom Drama

Weegee Arthur Fellig Coutrtoom Drama

Weegee Arthur Fellig Coutrtoom Drama


HOLLYWOOD, 1949 -- Actor Clark Gable (1901-1960) smokes a cigarette with an astonished friend.

BROOKLYN, SEPTEMBER 10, 1941 -- A crowd gathers to see the corpse of Peter Mancuso, shot twice by an unknown gunman as he sat parked at a traffic light. The crying woman is Mancuso's aunt and the little boy tugging the hair of the girl in front of him is her son.

Weegee Press Shot 1938 Harlem Raid


NEW YORK CITY, 1945 -- Two lovers kiss in the front row at the Palace Theatre.

1940 -- A woman in a nightclub goes cross-eyed as her bubblegum bubble expands in front of her face.

Yes, indeed. How could someone possibly mistake a Weegee for a family photograph? Are we dealing with buffoons here? Do these people have no eye? Are they just plain stupid?


If you don't recognize this photo as a Weegee and not as a snapshot then please do us all a favor and shoot yourself. Or at the very least, please don't procreate. Darwin would be amazed that you've managed to survive this long.

Thanks to Mr. Martin Krause for making art people look even more ridiculous than we already do.

"From Gags to Riches" Barbra Streisand modeling a costume from "My Name is Barbra", 1965


Hole where plane (B-25) hit Empire State Building, 1945.

Murder in Hell’s Kitchen. Weegee, 1944., Self Portrait in Police Car, Los Angeles, ca. 1950, silver print, ca. 1950.


Issue 56, Winter 1994

Cover: Circus photo by Weegee (Arthur Fellig). All the artworks in this issue, except for the tiny Beckmann print on page 3, are photographs by Weegee, reproduced courtesy of Magnum

WEEGEE, Arthur Fellig by Morales de los RĂ­os.

Le pari de XXI

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